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ALTA 8.1 - Environmental Protection Lien
Form 9 (Restrictions, Easements, Minerals)
ALTA 4.0 - Condominium
ALTA 4.1 - Condominium
ALTA 5.0 - Planned Unit Development
ALTA 5.1 - Planned Unit Development
ALTA 6.0 - Variable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
ALTA 6.1 - Variable Rate Mortgage
ALTA 6.2 - Variable Rate Mortgage - Negative Amortization
ALTA 7.0 - Manufactured Housing Unit
Additional Interest
Balloon Mortgage
Change of Partners (Fairways)
Foreign Currency
Navigational Servitude
Revolving Credit
Shared Appreciation
Assignment of Mortgage
This quote is based solely on the information you provided to Knight Barry Title. Rates and fees are subject to change the coverages and services requested and the accuracy of the data you have provided. Additional charges could be assessed in varying circumstances including when unusual conditions of title are encountered, special risks are insured against, special services are requested, or if the transaction involves multiple parcels, or involves foreclosure, deed in lieu or REO, or new construction. If the Loan Policy Amount exceeds the Owner's Policy amount, then please contact Knight Barry Title for additional charges that may apply. Please contact your local Knight Barry office if you would like to confirm this quote.