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Need a title search?

Knight Barry covers Minnesota & Wisconsin.

search packages

Our Wisconsin offices accept search package orders from other title companies and abstractors. However, we are definitely not the cheapest and if that's what you're seeking then you probably need to find someone else.

We provide three basic searches as described below and we cover the state. We will handle your search using our in-house title plants in some markets, by going to the courthouse to review property records, by logging into the courthouse property records or by hiring a searcher in markets outside of our reach. Of course, you could do all of this on your own for a few bucks cheaper or keep it simple and place your order here.


The pricing is outlined on the next page and varies based on the county in which the property is located. Searches are for single parcel residential 1-4 family properties only and includes a copy of the current vesting deed, a copy of the open mortgage(s), whatever free tax printout we can get our hands on. Copies of E's and R's are an additional $2/$1. As for case reviews, if they're simple they're included in the price. If not, we'll contact you for approval for a variance on the price. You get one free update. Each addition update is $25.

If your property is non-residential, contact Adam Sipe at to work out a fair fee split. All other requests are entertained on a case by case basis.