What's in Knight Barry's Toolbox?

ANSWER: Tools to help you grow YOUR business - many of which are free!


Zoccam streamlines the home buying experience by enabling the parties to securely send funds and documents to the title company and lender, as well as, authenticate the borrower's identification.

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Remote Online Notarization

Knight Barry Title is commited to innovation and has the technology and tools needed to offer this service to our customers. Watch our demonostration of how the new services work.

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The ALTA Homeowner's Policy

Better title insurance coverage for your residential buyers. Knight Barry Title is now offering the enhanced ALTA Homeowner's Policy to buyers of residential, 1-4 single family homes! Your buyers will have much more coverage than the standard ALTA Owner's Policy, including survey coverage, construction lien coverage, and more!

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Knight Barry Agent One

Send your clients the numbers they need instantly. This includes buyer estimates, seller net sheets, monthly affordability, rent vs. buy and more!

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1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange, also called a Starker or Like-Kind exchange, is a mechanism to defer capital gains and other taxes on the sale of real property when the real property is replaced with real property of a similar use or kind (i.e., investment property).

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Knight Barry has partnered with CertifID to optimize its wire transfer operations and reduce its threat from cyber-criminals. CertifID is a real-time security platform that authenticates parties in a transaction and securely transfers wiring information.

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Let our dynamic presentation tool help open doors with data and analytics produced instantly. This platform allows Knight Barry to generate reports packed with relevant data to enhance your client property listing presentations. All we need is an address.