A Historic Day for Knight Barry

It’s a monumental day for Knight Barry Title! Our closer Liz Peetz just completed the first full-loan, paperless real estate transaction using Remote Online Notarization in Wisconsin!
Knight Barry Title was instrumental in the state of Wisconsin moving up its timetable and immediately authorizing the use of RON due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a company committed to innovation -- as well as health and safety -- we had the technology and tools needed to offer this service to our customers right away. Liz and the rest of the KBT team also celebrate the great people at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., for their digital expertise in making this milestone a reality. 
“Today is a big victory for our team and the Wisconsin real estate community. April 3 marks the start of a new chapter for all our great Knight Barry Title customers,” said Craig Haskins, our chief operating officer. “A big ‘job well done’ to Liz and everyone in Madison. To see if your upcoming transactions can be executed using RON, reach out to your trusted KBT office and our closers will be glad to talk about the process.
”In addition to offering RON for eligible transactions (including residential and commercial), Knight Barry Title has developed other innovative closing options to help protect customer and employee health during this time. Reach out to us with any further questions you or your customers may have at any of our current locations