Celebrating 170 Years of Legacy

The Story of Knight Barry Title

Our journey began in 1836 when Albert G. Knight landed in Racine, Wisconsin, laying the groundwork for what would eventually blossom into Knight Barry Title. In 1854, the birth of a company dealing with title abstracts marked Albert’s quest to safeguard the fundamental principles of land ownership. Little did he know that, 170 years later, his vision would evolve into a nationwide legacy.
Knight Abstract building with Albert Knight in the window.
Knight Abstract building with Albert Knight in the window.
As time passed, the responsibility of leadership transitioned through various hands – a Register of Deeds, County Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor, and Undersheriff. Adversity struck when the courthouse burned in 1861, yet Knight’s records emerged from the ashes to restore the court's history. Following World War I, ownership transitioned to the Patrick family, fellow residents of Racine.
Fast forward to 1979. Enter Jeff Green, an attorney from Milwaukee, and Estelle Siegman took the reins and renamed the company Knight Barry Title. A single-office company in Racine at the time, this marked the beginning of an era witnessing unprecedented growth and innovation. Jeff's foresight in expanding beyond Racine and Kenosha set the stage for a title technological revolution. The dawn of the internet era saw the birth of The Q, a revolutionary software system that pioneered data distribution to lenders.
In 1996, Craig Haskins joined forces with Jeff and Estelle, and let’s just say the company has never been the same. Craig’s wired energy level wasn’t just a spark but a lightning bolt that set ablaze an aggressive expansion plan that started with the acquisition of Port Abstract & Title in 2001. KBT went full force, training its team to be the best and fine-tuning its approach to prepare for the next big move. 
Skipping ahead to more recent times, around 2017, the KBT spirit took flight. Minnesota, Florida, and Texas became our next ventures, and KBT emerged as a nationwide force. Today, with 90+ offices and a team of 400+ professionals scattered across Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, and Texas, we’ve become one of the largest title agencies in the US.
As we celebrate 170 years, our story isn't just about triumphs; it's about navigating the tribulations of the housing market. From the Great Depression to the 21st-century housing bubbles, KBT stands resilient. The global pandemic tested our endurance, pushing us to innovate title searches and closings, embracing technology for seamless transactions.
Our resilience isn't just surviving; it's thriving in the face of adversity. The pandemic catalyzed innovation, propelling us into the world of remote operations and virtual closings. From frontline professionals to behind-the-scenes heroes, our team's dedication was pivotal in gracefully navigating uncertainties.
In our 170th year, we pay tribute to the extraordinary individuals embodying the heart and soul of KBT. The passion, dedication, and unyielding spirit of our team define us. In every office and every state we operate, the KBT family embodies the values that have sustained us.
Here's to the legacy of KBT – a tale of endurance, growth, and unwavering commitment. As we forge ahead, we carry the lessons of the past, the strength of the present, and the promise of a future shaped by 170 years of excellence.