Open for Closings in Florida

Building Momentum in Crestview
We are pleased to announce that Main Street Land Title Company of Crestview Florida has joined forces with Wisconsin-based Knight Barry Title. The staff of Main Street Land Title will stay on board and will provide real estate professionals, lenders, lawyers, developers, builders and property owners access to title and closing professionals throughout Okaloosa County.

Knight Barry Title also has an office in nearby Pensacola, which adds Escambia and Santa Rosa counties to the panhandle coverage area. Former owners Nathan and Crystal Boyles are staying on during the transition before concentrating on other pursuits. The family has two young children, another local business outside of real estate and Nathan Boyles serves the community as an Okaloosa County commissioner.
We've made the leap to Pensacola
Partnership Title of Pensacola, Florida has joined forces with Wisconsin-based Knight Barry Title. The staff of Partnership Title will stay on board and Carol Eubanks will oversee the transition and remain the manager of the office.
Eubanks is excited for the opportunities for her and her team, as well as what coming to her home state means for the entire Knight Barry Title brand. To Eubanks, joining Knight Barry Title is a win-win for her and five other employees, all of whom are staying on with her.

Eubanks grew up in Pensacola and has about 20 years of experience in the land title insurance business there. She opened Partnership Title in 2008. Pensacola sometimes flies under the radar – ironic because it’s known for the US Navy’s Blue Angels and aviation – but Eubanks said it’s home to a booming Downtown right on the waterfront and some of the best beaches anywhere in the world. 

Pensacola shoreline
Pensacola is very close-knit, like a lot of Midwestern cities Knight Barry already operates in. “I think it’s going to be great.” Eubanks said. “Pensacola has a really small-town feel. I think we’re going to be embraced by the Realtors and even the other title companies.”
Last year, Craig Haskins (COO) spearheaded two separate acquisitions – one of which moved the company’s physical presence into Minnesota.  
Established seven years prior to Abraham Lincoln's Presidency, Knight Barry Title has a history of providing fast and accurate cost competitive services to commercial and residential customers in the areas of title insurance, tax-deferred exchanges, and closing services. The company is one of the largest title agencies in the US with over 375 employees in 60 offices. While this is Knight Barry's first office in Florida, the company's CEO and COO have deep roots in Florida and have insured Florida land titles from the Midwest for a decade. 
Knight Barry Title is the definition of a full-service title and closing company. It uses top of the line technology to fuel its ability to stay ahead of the competition. Today, nearly 90% of its orders are originated online at with collaborative tools built for lenders, lawyers and real estate agents. 
The new office in Pensacola means Knight Barry Title now has 60 offices covering the Midwest in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and one (so far) in the sunshine state.
If your title agency is interested in joining Knight Barry Title Group, email Craig Haskins today.