Wire Fraudsters don't take a Christmas Vacation

Reminder: Wire fraudsters don’t take a Christmas vacation 
Happy holidays from the Knight Barry Title team! We thank you for your continued trust in our people to provide you and your clients with the best closing experience and title insurance products in our markets.
While we all wish you a joyful season, it’s time for another wire fraud warning. It’s key to remember scammers don’t take off time this time of year. In fact, they often ramp up their efforts. While our teams do all we can to keep your transactions safe and secure, it’s important that we remind you of these tips.
  • Last minute isn’t in it. Remind customers that last-minute wiring changes via unsecured email won’t happen, no matter how legitimate a message looks. Changes sometimes need to occur during a transaction, but unsolicited messages should raise suspicions. It’s always better to be extra careful. Demands for passwords and account information should always be red flags.
  • Not sure? Always reach out to us. Reassure your customers that you are ready and willing to answer any questions they may have, and so are we. Maintaining open lines of communication may mean the difference between frustrations and congratulations. You can always call your Knight Barry Title closing office directly or stop by in person to verify changes. Need the number or address, check out this page. Never rely on numbers included in the questionable email. 
  • Password security is still paramount. You’ve heard this for years, but if you’re not changing your passwords regularly, you’re vulnerable to hackers, which is how almost all these scams start. Make using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication a resolution if you need to, but don’t wait until the new year to get started.
While wire fraud has been the talk of real estate for years, it’s always a good time for a reminder – and we’ll be sure to talk about it in 2023, too! Keep this list and pass it on to your customers. You can even tell them to check it twice.
Want to know more? Reach out to your local Knight Barry Title office or click here to learn about how our CertifID portal gives you an extra level of  security for you and your clients.